Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


lets see, I play the tuba, and I hate band class. Yep, this fulfills my musical fantasy. Thank you for making this game.

i dig music!

that was so original i love
it keep up the good work an



awesome game, although i woulda made the tubas into sousaphones, seeings how sousa invented them haha

as the person before me, your a moron: sousa never-ever put any orchestral instrumental parts in his songs, he wrote them for wind and percussional players

Very original

I first i was like WTF IS GOIN ON!!!! Then i pwned! lmao @ n00bz!

But it was good. FUCK YEA

Awsome game dude

sorry for the late review, but yea, this game is awsome. I forgot to ask you how you made the game flow with the music like that. Just IM me whenever you see me on AIM. thanks :)