Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"


I gave it a 3 :)


Man!! That was one of the funniest flashes ive ever seen!! xD hahaha Super kamea maia bin plingg plong hahaha hhaha. Well xP Hope it gets accepted soon! x)

The Governator?

Wow that was pretty good. Where did you get the idea for that. It would have been interesting if that really happened in the show.

The voices where really good, and the graphics were also very nice. The only thing I would recomend is that you make it longer next time.

the name for Vegeata's attack rocks

That was great.

Make the next one a fair minute or two longer and then you've got front page. Ok, humor woulda been 5 instead of 9 if you hadn't of made up that hillarious name for vegeta's attack. I literally rofled.

That was actually funny...

It was actually pretty funny I laughed a couple times. I hope arnold gets his ass beat or maybe some completely irrelevant plot twist happens...im hopin for the latter raelly.