Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"

Awesome... but uhh

That was waaay to short friend.

The graphics were good.
The animation was good
The sounds were cool, Arnold was a little overdone
The violence... I think there was...
The humour was good

" Stop undermining the logic of the animation Kakarott "
lol unique!


The episodes continue to grow with greatness and i am quite taken with them. The governator is quite well done! For the next episode add in a character called "Summoneryev" who happens to be in the neighbourhood. The governator is defeated and..... summoner shows up..... with the master cheif from halo..... Its feasible!!! In fact, add in the three horsemen of the appocalypse!!! No.... keep .... DBZ...characters.....to....keep...story...sensible.... *falls to ground*

Honestly mate, your toons are great. Just keep the next episode longer!!!


GringoJago responds:

Thanks for reviewing all my episodes dude, lol i would contact you but, your profile doesn't have an email on it, email me on mjago10@hotmail.com if you want to do some idea testing for me.

I love this

This series is so funny to me. The idea that Goku dumped Chichi and is now a homeless tramp. And what you did with Vegeta is great too! That's just genius. What would really make my day is if later we find that Chichi married Gohan's bitchy tutor Mr. Shu. Ha hahhahaaa.

HEy Goku it's only fair! Marriage is death till you part and I'm pretty sure you die just to get away from her. HA! Thank you for a decent DNZ movie poking fun at it and making me laugh.

GringoJago responds:


Glad you like it, I personally think my first 3 episodes are a bit sloppy, but considering that these are my first attempts at flash movies, I consider myself to be progressing OK. This next episode I'm animating RIGHT NOW, is going to be much much better, longer with a lot more 'stuff' packed into it, and I hope to expand solidly on the vague storyline that I've begun in episodes 1 - 3.

Too short. one good joke

The super kame gigga gigga?unbeatable attack? that was funny and retarted at the same time

That was...

So damn funny! I loved It! XD