Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"


OMFG vegeta was so funny in this ep
and i couldn't stop laughing when he said his attack

LOL. This is hilarious.

Really makes me laugh. And I do like the Voice acting for Goku.
Not the same as the FUNimation Goku, but still pretty darn good, A humorous voice I say.
I can't wait for episode 4.
Awesome work.

wtf what was something sapposta happen????

you need more body and action in your shows its pritty good tho


the series so far reminds me of the DBZ series - 3 episodes already and still nothing happened. My guess is the fight with Arnold should be finished around 50th episode :P
Still great humor and nice graphics


your series is good. they're really funny. the voices in this one were really good, better than the others. great artwork and story. goku is making his way back up. i hope he gets his old life back. great stuff. look forward to a big fight with vegeta and arnie.