Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"

So freaking funny!!!!!!!!

there voices are ok it's very funny. dude make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn this was the worst animation ever...

...Haha! Yeah, right, I'm only kidding. You have just received your second perfect ten score from me. I didn't see any flaws in this one, so congratulations!


I hadn't laughed like this in a long time!

This is the best one of the 4.

Make more!


GringoJago responds:

Will do chief...as long as you make the next episode of 'Final Extacy'!

That was so funny

I can totally tell how the names of their attacks r so retarded that you made vegetas like that lol everything was good to good job!


GO VEGETA!!!! HIT'EM WITH YOUR SUPER...uh, SEIYAN DIP DO... something!! Hilarious!!