Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"

This is just getting better and better

Dude that is the collest!!I think this shoud be the best in the dbz collection!!!Il see some more of these episodes!!

best ever

ill take back what i said on GTRS1 that is not the best parody ever...

This is


my kame super mega mega dip dip dookey doom dong waga woo woo billion zillion mega super unbeatable attack...........what kind of attack is that lol!!!

Greate!!!11 one

LOL!!! Again, much better, and, like in real DPZ, goku for some reason actually "runs away" from something he could just think- and it would be gone.

Fun fun fun, I sure hope to see that *vegeta's attack name here* attack from vegeta :P

haha, i love these goku real stories

lmao. they are great. graphics arent too bad and the voices are pretty good. keep it up!