Reviews for "Goku the Real story: ep 3"


super wig wang duper jillion ultra special attack

That was actually funny...

It was actually pretty funny I laughed a couple times. I hope arnold gets his ass beat or maybe some completely irrelevant plot twist happens...im hopin for the latter raelly.

What crap



I liked it a lot - it was really funny, especially the name of the attack and the pun with them running.
Arnold is brilliant.

GringoJago responds:

Everyone, thanks for the positive feedback, I didn't expect to get this many awesome responses! Thanks heaps. Epsiode 4 is on the way, should be ready by the end of the week, I'm putting heaps more work into this next episode (buff up the graphics, music, humour, etc) and any fans of Berserk or Cowboy Bebop should definitely tune in, as well as DBZ fans, of course, LOL.

and i'll use my special attack

ka-me super mega mega dip dip dong wagi woh wo billion zillion mega super unbeatable attack.