Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"

its good

its a good smooth song mabey make it so the song gets going a bit faster

Great song...

This is very good, and very impressive! :D
Hope you don't mind a constructive comment...XD
The bass was a little to 3xosc... to much synth-sounding, try to get a more passive, powerfull bass, it would help allot to the song.
The main synth that comes in 2:17 is Ok, but it's to much 8 bit sounding.

Very nice equalising, and I loved the intro! :D The song has a very nice flow.

A big tip is to make the song much longer, with a longer intro and a bit longer anti-climax and climax. If you make the climax-buildup longer it would be more interesting. Example: after you build the main melody down, build it up again before you go full climax.

Turn the kick a little bit higher. Awesome sounding synth's on 1:50-2:15, very relaxing, though they still have that pumping going on! :D

Hope you don't find my review to criticising.

Work more with the song and it would sound more awesome than it already does! :D

Keep up the great work!


It was alright!

This is the kind of song you would listen to at a rave. The only thing I noticed was the lack of quality. You had a good idea, but you seemed to go too quickly through it. Try to equalize every sound, put in some filters, put in some different synths and variations. Use different tools to get different effects to make a different song. Make it more original you know?

O haiii!

What made me lose interest in the song was that it was in fact quite slow other than that its quite good. worth a download.


They call it trance for a reason!

This song possessed me for a good 15 minutes. That being said, its nothing I haven't heard before in terms of trance, still - this one is going on my ipod - I'll tell my friends.

I'm just curious as to what program you guys used. I'm new to music mixing, I don't even have a synthesizer or anything - just use ACID EXpress for the most part and acoustica beat craft.

Good work on this one, I don't care if you didn't break any boundaries or anything - you made a good song and I hope you had as much fun making it as I did listening to it.

NeuK responds:

FL Studio 9.