Reviews for "Silent Night-Metaljonus"


It made me feel all Christmasy and stuff. I wish the choir would have sung a more interesting line. That would have been awesome. But it was used well. I need not say anything about the guitar and stuff coming in except it should have been LONGER! Man that was awesome. Seriously, awesome.

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks man! I tried different lines for the Choir but stuck with what I got lol. I could've made it longer but meh just did'nt flow right to me. Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas!

does this mean...

you're not gonna post on NG anymore??? *SOB* noooo! well i guess if thats what it is. this song is great! great remake! and yes...mapping out songs is a pain. lol. this song is both epic and peaceful! dude you just rock. hands down. if what you said is true, imma miss your music dude. rock on....=) and Merry Christmas!

JonSantiago responds:

Yeah, Imma still review (so those who want to be reviewed by me feel free to pm me) Thanks for listening dude! Merry Christmas! \m/


a nice christmas gift to go out with a bang with, good work and good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future. \m/,

JonSantiago responds:

Thank you.

A Very Beautiful song to end the year =D

One of my favorite Xmas songs man, absolutely love it.
a cool one as a farwell song too =D

gona miss ya on here man, thanks for all the kickass metal!



Beautiful song... *sniff* I think ima cry, aw shit. Whip me out a tissue please. Merry Christmas, man.