Reviews for "Tetris Remix Song B [Final]"

of course it´s great

I´m speechless, I bet that with all the people I know we wouldn´t do a song half as good as yours, or even good compared to this one!

to OpticSoul...

go to the vidio, tetris'D2, go to the side (left) , and it should have a disk picture. under that should be the music of tetris'D 2, thats how i got it. anyway, 10/10, 5/5, and i can wistle the part from 27 sec to 53 sec, with only one breake, and thats when the music kind of takes a breake. makes me sick afterwards, but its worth it.

Epic >:D

who ever made this song i an absolute Fuckin Genius

Hey Parkerman1700 :)

You've made another fantastic Tetris Remix!
A smooth beat and some techno sounds make a big change in songs, especially your Tetris ones.

Well Madjasper1 is now signing out (I've gotta do an unfinished song)

Freaking awesome!

Everything that you create is sick! These is no doubt about! I always ome back for more!