Reviews for "Tetris Remix Song B [Final]"


Now this is the better version for me. Downloaded and now on my phone =) Very well done

Plain awsome

Its something from out of this WORLD! I would enjoy listening to this as I fall gently asleep.... or as I feel like punching someone in the face! A song good for many situations.

Have I ever told you...

How awesome this song is? Took me a while to notice the main Tetris theme, but when I did, it was a "zOMJESUS" moment indeed.

Likewise, playing Tetris while listening to this in the background instead of the default music is also awesome.

Excellent track

Your buildup is impressive, it's a fine combination between being relaxed and groovy, which I dig a lot :) It manages to keep the listener ocupied, something a lot of tracks around here don't accomplish!