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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."

Now THIS is a Zero vs. Link movie!!

Compared to all the other shit I see? This fuckin' pwned. I would die if you gave me some of those 32-bit Zero edits, kickass to the core.

This fully deserves a 10/10, and a 5 R in the portal. I SO wanna see X go apeshit on Link with all his armors; don't disappoint us! xD


For a first flash that rocked, make more or I will hunt you down... somehow. But that kicked ass, good song, good vid, good ending, want to see more. What more could a viewer ask for?


Dam you...

I already had a Link vs Zero project in the making, im scrapping it now -_-


wow.. for ur first flash... that was great, i love those 8 or 16 bit movies, its not poor quality, it seemed like u worked extremely hard on this video, loved the music, and the sword fights, YOU HAVE ALOT OF POTENTIAL, your on my top 2 authors ;) keep up the good work sir


Excellent fight scene! Very fluid animation to go with it! I wanna see more by you!