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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."


Man this is so bad i don't get whats with games. In the real world being slashed once by either sword you would be dead. The battle still ok though. I didn't like the ending. Zero is a reploid which means he doesn't have blood.

And link pwns yet again...

link is my fav vidio game charecter in the universe i knew that his past loved ones death would come to haunt him and push him to use the triforce.zero CANT TOUCH LINK LINK'ill BE ALL HAUUUUUU KAU WHA BAMLOO and P-W-N 2 da MAX. i love the song and how it mached up the scene 10 outta 10 5outta 5 101% loved the ending. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


Link and Zero, two of my favorite charaters ^^ now if someone would do link vs vincent...

Link in Park

I still think Zero should have won =(


i love to see fights like this! hard to find good ones...