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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."

it is good

for your first


How did I "know" that as soon as Zero was kicking ass midfight that he was going to lose? Zero is awesome, everyone seems to think that Link is better and while I agree that he has more equipment and he "may" have more experience, that doesn't necessarily mean he should win this fight. Hell I would've been happy with a draw.


i thought this this was very cool, considering i saw this a few years ago. the song is a good choice cuz i sets the mood that this would be the final battle for them. but personally i would have gone with a better song like techno, but overall good job with everything!

It was really good.

I thought that the whole thing was really good man. the thought of link and zero having an epic battle was really awesome. In The End by Linkin Park was somewhat of a good choice but i thought that you could have used One step closer or papercut would have been better nbecause they seem more of the fighting type of song. I'm really glad that link won at the end. Me i would've had link to and end blow like the one in twilight princess when he gets the secret techniques from the skeleton to make sure that zero was dead for good. make more with link fighting others.


lader of use all cheats is possible was a player,link win