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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."


this video kicks ass!I especially like the music

would have been 10 but-

when you look at it they are evenly matched but you shouldnt make it were 1 person takes all the hits at 1 point then another at a different point also zero is a robot and dosnt have blood plus zero would never attack a human unless absolutly nececary but the ending is good they are both evenly matched and either could have won so it was alright and i hope you keep up the good work and i hope this was helpful

to masterknights

i like this flash its awesome but for you mastrknights if you knew anything about legend of zelda youd know that in majoras mask link is a child and only kid link has the fierce deity mask and he loses all the masks at the end of the game and doesnt carry on with the masks i know this because i have the gold version hologram so i know these things but awesome flash 11/10


would be better though, if link got beat so bad he had to resort to feirce diety.
somebody please pm me the website he got this stuuf from.
i could do better. mabye.
other than that, awesome

So predictive

Plot of fight:
Person X and Person Y start a fight
Person X loosing horribly
Person X suddenly turns it around and wins

Then again, it's quite obvious Link would win. Hell, he was humoring Zero all along. If he wanted to win straight away he'd just have to turn into Fierce Deity form.