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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."

awsome for a first flash!

the music was sort of staticy, but it's probably just my computer. BUT THIS MOVIE WAS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


damn dude this was awsome! Link kickes zero's ass! it would also be awsome if link turned into fierce diety or something. The linkin Park song made the movie seem more dramatic. nice.


this is the first EVER flash cartoon that i have ever shouted GO LINK!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! ( i was embaressed to no content afterwards) but this is great. hop you make another!

great job man

nice flash man, great job

i agree with the guy below me, the master sword owns all, and no one can beat link

Very nice

Nice duel I liked it. oh and to the guy below me... have you even played the zelda games cuase if you did you would know the Master Sword CAN'T BREAK!!!! Plus if the duel was so realistic it would be 5 seconds long and boring as hell so STFU!!!