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Reviews for "..: Link vs. Zero :.."


Music Choics could have been better... but well done with the syncing. And yes... Awesome Match-up

Linkin Park? Damn it, man.

The music choices was horrible and the whole thing was too cheesy and hamfisted, but I blame the song choice because you just wanted the pace to match it. All in all, the whole thing was still awesome and done well, really well.

real good...

If this was your first time with sprites, then this is excellent! If you done it before, thats fine too. My point is, its great. Your doing almost as good as people like Proxicide and Trixiaoyu.


that was 1 of the best match-ups yet! You should include Mega-man and Sheik in there battle nexttime. That would be awesome!!


Cool 2 of my favorite heros and one of my favorite songs!!! The battle was awesome first zero kick'd link's but but then link unleashed the power of the triforce! Great movie.