Reviews for "Rise of the Empire"

There is a sound portal for a reason..

If you make a song put it in the sound portal or MAKE A GOOD VIDEO CLIP... Jeez. The song wasn't even that great.

I'm sorry.

Acid Strummer


Gost help us!

rexCo responds:

Geminate i expect more from you

I liked the song but...

you could try to do something with it...by the way....i watch it with out blinking and after a while I saw green squares flying around my screen.....I gave it a 7 because I liked the song

rexCo responds:

good i hope yuo die from green sqaures


i really like this great song by frankiedaman which impressively remixes our one and only gost FREESTYLIN IN DA HOOD!

lmao i reviewed 7 because i am a good lad! :(

rexCo responds:

Ya its a shame Hlg had all his audio deleted


Incorrect, it was not remotely cool. Or even satisfactory. It was just plain shit.

rexCo responds:

N-lol. What?