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Reviews for "Tranquil"


lmao i like that i was like zzzzzzzzzzzzzz but then bam!! lmao that was great lol hahahahahah mwhahahahahahaha lmao iam crazy lol nice job that made me laugh lol


Ow man, hehe to be honest i thought this will be one of those movies that drive ya in a relaxed state and later comes the "FUUUUUCK!!!!!!", but well, hey nice movie, and this isn't abput relaxing, in fact, i guessed that end, but well, work on graphics and maybe you can do a flash with plot included, keep it up...

Metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the start I thought: this looks good, but it is boring!
Now I think: I want to do that to

Its got good sound and graphics but not much else.


A very boring start

Which made the ending totally unexpecting, nice one. :)