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Reviews for "Tranquil"

re heh eally

It wasn't that bad. I liked the ending, that guy was boring me. lol. Sorta sadistic, but comical. The graphics were better then some, worse then some. The sound was alright, the guy's laugh was hella annoying, but probably on purpose.

Metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the start I thought: this looks good, but it is boring!
Now I think: I want to do that to

A very boring start

Which made the ending totally unexpecting, nice one. :)


Ow man, hehe to be honest i thought this will be one of those movies that drive ya in a relaxed state and later comes the "FUUUUUCK!!!!!!", but well, hey nice movie, and this isn't abput relaxing, in fact, i guessed that end, but well, work on graphics and maybe you can do a flash with plot included, keep it up...

That was funny

I loved the ending -- perfect. XD