Reviews for "Mario Bros. Theme"

Hahaha! bravo!

Well done Dood/Doods!! This is the best fucking thing I've ever heard in the Audio Portal!!!! I can't see why it's at a low score though...The saxes were played top-notch and it must have been a bitch to learn the Mario tune on them - It's hard enough on the guitar!! Yeah I've made a Mario Bros. Theme myself, and I know how great the tune is...but this, I love the way it has that 'old fashioned' sound to it. I'm a metalhead (about liking metal music) but I just love this. Keep it up!!



Ok, to be honest, it REALLY needs backing, nice bass and a jazzy drum riff, but the playing was great, you put a really nice swing to the melody, and it must have been hard to keep it in time like that. Get a band together and re-do it with backing.

Congratulations on being one of the very few submitters who manages to record music the way its ment to be recorded.


very creative


An excellent track!

Expect it too be in a movie of mine soon!

I love it! It really sounds like its supposed to!

some friends?

i like the saxofoon thing in it but why don't you call some friends who are also good with instruments and let them play with you maybe it'l
get even more better

ps is it recorded? i think it is