Reviews for "Mario Bros. Theme"



Ok, to be honest, it REALLY needs backing, nice bass and a jazzy drum riff, but the playing was great, you put a really nice swing to the melody, and it must have been hard to keep it in time like that. Get a band together and re-do it with backing.

Congratulations on being one of the very few submitters who manages to record music the way its ment to be recorded.

Hahaha! bravo!

Well done Dood/Doods!! This is the best fucking thing I've ever heard in the Audio Portal!!!! I can't see why it's at a low score though...The saxes were played top-notch and it must have been a bitch to learn the Mario tune on them - It's hard enough on the guitar!! Yeah I've made a Mario Bros. Theme myself, and I know how great the tune is...but this, I love the way it has that 'old fashioned' sound to it. I'm a metalhead (about liking metal music) but I just love this. Keep it up!!