Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 6"


I loved watching Blockhead thrash around on the floor in the end. No number scale anywhere could POSSIBLY rate how good you work is.

Infinity to the 593 power squared out of the smallest possible positive number divided by the cube root of elf.

P.S. Where'd you get a word like "plebian" ?

I'm making it a daily ritual to watch block head

At least once a day I will watch them all, I still can't stop laughing. I swear if I didn't know he was retarded I would swear he was having some kind of seizure at the end. GOD WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

i love blockhead

good job

the part where blockhead was having a daydream.

I think that was the best part. It was really funny, and when the blockhead in the tv starts talking, it seems so real, especially when he starts giggling.

great film.

MUST PREVENT 66*! anyway, a great cinemagraphic triumph.