Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 6"

Tongs radio!!!

Another awesome Blockhead episode. Keep it up! And Happy B-Day! By the way, what's with the conscience's outfit at the mall?

The-Swain responds:


Remember how in the first Blade movie the vampires could wear sunblock to go out into daylight? Well, I think it's kind of like that for the Conscience and leaving the house. Only not. But I had to find a way to break the "Conscience doesn't leave the house" rule, so I just went with a disguise.

i love these

but i thought his conciance couldn't leave the house with block head

"Rubioh!" "What?" "Peter Pan!"

What would I do if there was no Blockhead. Champion man.

The-Swain responds:

Well, most people would get on with their lives, but I'd like to think that a few people out there would cry. Would you? I think I might.

your series is going downhill

but youre skiing, so thats a good thing. i just watched the entire series, and the first episode was OK, but i noticed that as it progressed its been funnier and funnier. i find the randomness of your flash to be refreshing and hilarious, especially the tear btwn him and his conscience - cant wait to see #7 dude


it was Lolarious,I LOLLOOLOOLOED On The Part Before Consioncene Killed Himself.