Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 6"

dont move ill shoot

ya ill shoot everyone of ya


aw crap i just snarfed my milk all over the keyboard!!! napkins anybody

Halloween plans.

this is great, ive watched every episode like 7 times but i still get a kick from it XD
but i have 2 questions, one, when are you planning to make more? and 2, me and my friend were wndering if it was okay with you if we dressed up as blockhead and his conscience this halloween. but anyways, great series. i like how it has humor without violence or profanity. keep making great movies man!

i think I get it

So the old fat guy must be blockheads only sane side,trapped in his subconscience

The Dentist

When Blockhead said "Rufio" is that supposed to be related to Homestuck?