Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 6"

Awsome Animation you have here

So episode six here very nice the "ART" here is really nice and fresh and even vibrant thats one thing I liked about this one, again I would suggest some subtitles, Very cool with this animation this character has some fun filled times and has a blast in all he does, the animation is smooth the action is great and the expressions on faces is even better, and for that alone I was impressed would have loved to see this series go very far, more farther then just a few episodes.

again I would suggest some subtitles


you know something this makes me wonder what everyone else's consciences are saying or doing while they interact with blockhead?

Oh, I was confused by the bit with him on TV. I guess he really DOES want to become smarter. I find it strange how Blockhead's conscience has a brain. Isn't he already a brain himself? Blockhead said "Rufio" and then mentioned Peter Pan. That was the name of the character Dante Basco played in "Hook"!

Was that a reference? I just get so many obscure references. I love how it's joke after joke. It's hard to even say there's a plot. Everything is just so random...and funny!

I've known about Blockhead for 8 years now, and it's still funny as hell! The-Swain, you have done well! Thank you for this wonderful series that you've created! And now, introducing Tongs!

Ah, I can't believe its been Nine years since this episode came out, I feel so old now...