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Reviews for "Primal War 05"

Yo, that was pretty dope man!

Yo, I don't think I remembered Primal War 4..............oh wait! I do remember, this one was a little bit better though! This is a tight action flash to kick bacc, and smoke a joint to! I like that devilish-bull creature, that was pretty dope when it was beating up on those dinosaurid creatures! This flash is pretty good, smoke sum Bud homes, and just watch it. Fu skinhead88!


I haven't seen the other installments of this series but I'm gonna have to now. Great job, the only thing that would make it better would be more close combat action. Keep up the good work.

it's fur against scale

an all out war. amusing but the way they walked onto the boat got me a little upset.

Not Bad

The music was very good, but without speaking, it laked a bit. A good story line and good graphs, and althogether its really good. Well worth a peak, i would recomend it.

that music in the beggining is awsome

id like to have sex with that squaking beast thingy in the background that screams so savagly

as for flash advice, you need it in the areas of what is real and what feels fake.
guns feel fake here in the story for the beasts
sure the humans use but the beasts should be full out chest pounding flesh ripping style, and with there finger nails, however cool you can make them, not knifes and things of technology my god it feels so fake, but the hunt and the savage intensity is great, but could be better... and with my help you could be the best!