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Reviews for "End Of 09"


u shuda made the bass a lil deeper

Really does rap up 2009

This could really use some rapping added into it. And it sadlly does rap up the year with how destructive and emotional it's been for the entire world. I love it; It's emotional, descriptive and it combines all sorts of genres. Unlike most hip-hop, this includes a lot of different electronic sounds, acoustic strings and techno sound effects. It also reminded me of iran at the beginning for some reason. incredible song.

I just don't like the laughing at the end...it's really weird. Rather than adding glitch to the laughing, i think it should be more solid and strait forward. Ever heard Feel Good Inc.? Gorillaz added laughing into that song pretty well at the end, check it out!

I hope i gave a useful review: would you mind reviewing a song or two of mine? Thanks!


The piano keys and strings sound awesome! And the guitar was a nice touch, but I think you should have made it a little bit louder. The drums are good.
Great job, and keep it up.