Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


That was pointless but it was realy good how u made the song. must a been a butt load of work. why was the sniper hittin his own guy ?

StealthBeast responds:

Cause the snipers an asshat, read my commentary at the end.

Holy Sh*t! SICK!!

That flash was friggen sick!! Hats off to you, good effin job! Keep up the good work : )

StealthBeast responds:

awsome, thanks for the review!

Real nice.

That's some pretty cool stuff. Though I'm a CS freak, so I could be biased. Meh, whatever.

StealthBeast responds:

may or may not be... but ya, w/e! thanks for the ten, and thanks for the review!

haha that really did soundl like counter strike

haha that really did sound like counter strike

StealthBeast responds:

It sounded like counter-strike.

Because it was counter-strike.

Wow, a (near) masterpiece.

I love it when people use things like guns to make music, the bomb was a nice touch. Very good my friend.

StealthBeast responds:

Maybe you'll want the song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/74020

Also check out the other song on his channel. CS Firedance I think it's called. That one's even BETTER.