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Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


please make more there AWSIME threr tght and so on so make more

Where can I get this?

Excellent movie and music. 5/5 instantly, but where can I get this? I wan't it on my MP3 player!!!

P.S. The quotes on the preloader were awesome!


not that anybody has notice but the Replay fuction is not working overall a great paece

Great Stuff Man... Great stuff...

Hey this is the shit man... you dunno how many times I have repeated this flash just to hear the beat and see the CT Team AWP'ing His People! This is Very Very Great Man! Now What you need is just to get the repeat button at the end to work... other than that this is very very Cool!


They did exactly the same thing for Half life two...this is just a copy...

StealthBeast responds:

You're talking about the Ballad of Black Mesa.

Though I will say that it is better executed, it was the Ballad of Black Mesa copied US... not the other way around.