Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


WooooooooooooooooooooooooW!!!!I mean whoa!That was great just try to make it not as reppetitive next time.But other than that it was awesome!

StealthBeast responds:

spam 20+ 0's in wow and you tell ME to not be so repetative? haha siiike.

really thanks for the review!

very good

ok lets face it, T's r supirior they have the AK and can get awp/scout you cant compete with them CT's just fall down to the might of the ak, this is truth!! so unfortunate. next make a DOD movi no1 ever mentions DOD, it may not have had as much success as CS but DOD is just as good! and in some instances better!

StealthBeast responds:

The T's dont have an advantage just because they have an AK47.

The M4 is almost as accurate, and almost as powerful, with more spray-accuracy, and a silencer. Also, the aug is more accurate than the ak.

and if ur talking about the 1 headshot dead thing, u can get a famas and put it into burst firemode.

and as for dod... dod is a fucking joke of a game. The only good thing about it is that unlike cs it required u co-operate as a team rather than a 1 man army. Yet if I wanted that, i'd just play wolfet which is team-work based.

but thanks for the review...


Ha, this was sweet, it probably took a while to sinc up all the music though, maybe try making different songs, ha then maybe an album! wishful thinking, yes?

StealthBeast responds:

Very wishful. I didn't make the audio. But the artist and I may collaberate to make another one of these. thanks for the review. Sorry for the late response, I'm swamped =_=

Fucking Awsom

Holy Fucking shit dude. Kick ass. If you make another it would be kick ass if it had more of a story line. but whos bitchin. awsom dude. fucking cool. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

StealthBeast responds:

CS has no storyline, therefore the sounds of cs has no storyline lol, thanks for the review. Sorry for the late response, I'm swamped =_=


you are truely a flash god. this must have taken you forever to make.it sounds so cool.this should be #1 on NG