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Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


Repeditive but good and for the record some of those guns are loader or quieter than shown like the ak m4 and UMP ak well the kind not legaly sold in the us is quieter ump loader

StealthBeast responds:

ingame they mostly sound the same (awp and grenades being of the few exceptions)

In real life, sound is generally determined by caliber, barrel length, and acoustic properties of the terrain.

Yup. It was pretty repetitive, but I'm glad you liked it anyway.

Solid, but not fantastic

The music is creative at first but soon becomes repetitive. Even though there are different weapons like the grenades and silenced weapons, the actual beat and rhythm stayed almost exactly the same.

In this regard I understand you didn't have the most colorful score to work with. That's why I'm giving you an 8 instead of a 6. Mostly because of the final sequence where there are interesting cuts between the CT defusing the bomb and the sniper and the guy getting shot and blah blah blah.

StealthBeast responds:

Lol so I got... sympathy points?



StealthBeast responds:



I can tell that took loads of time and work! The result is so pwnsome it immediately made my favourites list :D


StealthBeast responds:

No more dangit!

But I'm glad you liked =P


how can i download this kind'a sounds.......