Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


Wow! The flash is awsome! so is the music! And lol at the AWP CT He had Friendly fire!

StealthBeast responds:

Lol, yearp.


They did exactly the same thing for Half life two...this is just a copy...

StealthBeast responds:

You're talking about the Ballad of Black Mesa.

Though I will say that it is better executed, it was the Ballad of Black Mesa copied US... not the other way around.


This was a cool little Counter Strike flash,the idea of it was cool & creative with all the gunfire going with the beat of the song and i must say that it synced up perfectly plus the animation was solid so overall i enjoyed this very much,great job.

StealthBeast responds:

Excellent. Glad you enjoyed it.


That was awsome!

StealthBeast responds:



Repeditive but good and for the record some of those guns are loader or quieter than shown like the ak m4 and UMP ak well the kind not legaly sold in the us is quieter ump loader

StealthBeast responds:

ingame they mostly sound the same (awp and grenades being of the few exceptions)

In real life, sound is generally determined by caliber, barrel length, and acoustic properties of the terrain.

Yup. It was pretty repetitive, but I'm glad you liked it anyway.