Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


Copied on Cod4 on youtube by serpento

StealthBeast responds:

"The Ballad of Black Mesa" is a spinoff of THIS animation, which popularized the concept which eventually turned into Serpento's CoD4 video.

THIS is the original. All others that start with the remarkably similar intro are ripping off of THIS. NOT the other way around.

...this flash predate's Serpento's video. In fact, it predates Serpento's Youtube account.

In fact, the song was published by DJ B.a.r. in 2002 which predates Youtube itself.

Get your shit straight.


Okay. Stolen?

StealthBeast responds:

No it's not. I made the animation. I communicated with the audio artist. All of the credits are legit.

Stolen Sounds

watch?v=QCq-sgihxfg&feature=related the sound you used was used from this site
to get to this site just add this after the / in youtube

StealthBeast responds:

Battlefield 2 Gun Sounds "stole" the concept from the "ballad of blackmesa" watch?v=nTbL5elVXrU

And the Ballad of Blackmesa "stole" the concept from THIS flash...

And as a matter of fact, the song itself predates Youtube.

Epic But copied

Lol so epic.

StealthBeast responds:

Not copied sir. This is the original that started the craze.


but was that the cod 4 they copied

StealthBeast responds:

Oh, I know what piece you're talking about.

Actually, that CoD4 piece "copied" off of the "ballad of black-mesa"
... and the Ballad of Black-Mesa "copied" off of this.

In fact, this flash was released before the accounts that even made those youtube videos existed... in fact, the song itself predates Youtube.

So check your dates before you start pointing fingers like that.