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Reviews for "Sounds of CS"

Epic SFX n' flash

It's great. I can't find a word to describe it, it's epic. How can I PLEASE get it?


when i go on newgrounds this is the only music vid i listen to ps this isnt copied like all the other people said it was but 10/10

StealthBeast responds:

Thanks for acknowledging this for what it is: Legit.


This is just amazing.

StealthBeast responds:


ahhh the good old days

I remember watching this when I saw it on the front page of newgrounds, and it still is awesome. and catchy too love it :D

StealthBeast responds:

Hah. Glad you got some happy-nostalgia out of it.

So awesome!!!!

I downloaded it i hope you don't mind :)

Anyway is this possible in the CS game?

StealthBeast responds:

I believe that violates Newgrounds' policy.

NOT A LICENSE-> But as long as it's for personal use and you don't resubmit it elsewhere, or convert it and put it on youtube, or some other stupid crap, I guess I don't care. <- NOT A LICENSE

And is what possible in the CS game? To make this song with your buddies? Good luck handling the reloads =P