Reviews for "Sounds of CS"


I know how much work you put into this so yes! 10 and 5
Good luck if it makes frontpage

StealthBeast responds:

alright! I did put work into it! I hope to hit the cs catagory. I mean... if some lameass animation of a ct screwing some scientist in the butt is gonna get in there this has to make it right? =P

thanks for your review!


Dude, that was extremely awesome, well f***ing done.

StealthBeast responds:

Thanks for you high score review.

guys, maybe you should be like this guy here =P

I dont play CS...But I really enjoyed this...

I loved the idea of making a pretty catchy beat with the sounds from the game....and the animation was good to go along with it...

I believe it didnt have to be quite as long, it got a little repetitive and boring at times....I think that a few varying animations could have been thrown in there...but thats neither here nor there...

Good work!

StealthBeast responds:

Okay i hear ya, i got that alot with peopel i showed this to, ya i always did have a problem with making animations drag on, but in this case the mp3 wasn't created by me and i wasn't consented to edit it. but thanks for the review.

It was better than mine!

It was cool...but it gets annoying. The graphics are really good. I kind of liked it, but it's not going to be one of my favorites. I was getting into it at first but then it lost me...but yea...it was above average.

StealthBeast responds:

Thanks for youe mature review.

Yes i can see what u mean by repetative. I myself got annoyed at my own animations reptition after awhile XD