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Reviews for "FatBadger goes to Mars."


OMG NEVER IN MY LIFE WOULD I EXPECT TO SEE THIS DAY! its even better then the last one!!! in space!!!! :O! keep it up you might have a massive series of 10000 episodes and rule the world!!!!!

FatBadger responds:

not sure if im gonna make any more.

He really was on mars

I hope he found those burritos

FatBadger responds:

now he has to take a shit

I love your Purposely crappy work

Hey I thought badgers were black and white... oh well I love the fact that the sole purpose of your flash are to stick it to all these countless NG users who hate it. Good work as usual. -Gavin P.S. I poke badgers with spoons!


I absouletly adore the concept of a series revolving around a plump badger traveling around space and finding many misadventures. Heck, just having a badger float endlessley would be enough for me to laugh and to keep me entertainined for a while. I like the background, it's a very different interpation of what space may look like and definately contrasts in a good way with FatBadger. The FatBadger looks really neat; an original design. The space helmet is quite classic. It's a fun idea, and I would love to see more from this character and see many more wacky adventures with more plot and substance, but I don't think I've laughed more at a loop than with this movie. The music was also on a short loop, and that could really have been a bit longer.


FatBadger responds:

the badger has been around for a while.

Just add a plot.

It's funny how the harshest criticism comes from people who never made flash before (like the guy before me and myself for that matter too) oh, and I need to stick to the guidelines (like the guy before me... and me again).

I like the style, and I thought it was funny, but of course it doesn't go anywhere and doesn't have a plot. I think you could work this into something and it would be great. Potential, but with no plot, it's going to get cut. Keep going with it, and if you can't then lend me some of your talent.

FatBadger responds:

its not supposed to go anywhere, that was kinda the joke.