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Reviews for "FatBadger goes to Mars."

Potential. Nothing else.

This might actually become a decent movie. It's got good animation and drawing. The music was good. I think you know what you're doing. Just make it longer. Well, into an actual movie. Give it a plot. Or make it a game. And once you've done that, you could even do a series. But please only do a series after revising this piece. And overhaul it. Lengthen it.
By the way, please actually fill out the rating of the movie accurately.
But still, you've got potential.
I hope to see some more of your works.

FatBadger responds:

oops just noticed the rating..lol fixed.

:~> Crappy

I'll do my best to keep this from surviving the underjudgment phase. If it does survive, it'll just prove the point that most of NG users are not able to vote and use their criticism. I don't know how most of them manage to use a computer.

Oh, right, the review (must stick to the review guidelines, right?): your movie sucks because it's an awful loop with absolute no action, no fun, no content, no glamour, no pleasant animations, nothing. And it's rated improperly (regarding the age and parental guidance), what just proves you are aware of the emptiness of your "movie".

# Poirot #


That was sad. I did not like that at all. This is not good at all. It was given a rating that was to high. There was no adult content at all. It was rated to high.


How can you give this a 10/10 you moron...you must be like 5 or something. Its a 5 second flash and a never ending loop for gods sake. Its shit. If you are going to make a flash make it LONGER and without the 2 second music clip being repeated non stop. DO NOT LET THIS SURVIVE BLAMMAGE...DO NOT. if you do you do not deserve the right to own a computer.

FatBadger responds:

itll passed sucka!


OMG NEVER IN MY LIFE WOULD I EXPECT TO SEE THIS DAY! its even better then the last one!!! in space!!!! :O! keep it up you might have a massive series of 10000 episodes and rule the world!!!!!

FatBadger responds:

not sure if im gonna make any more.