Reviews for "All I Want for Christmas."

Wow! This is great!

You have a nice voice! You should be a popular singer! People will love you! First Newgrounds than the world!

Yay :)

Great Cover :P I really enjoy your «work». I love how your piano (or keyboard) sounds, and your voice :)

Good Job.

You sing fine. You could work controlling vibrato, and making your pitches more full and rich... You have a beautiful voice and a lot of skill. Don't stop singing ok, promise me. But also don't stop improving k ;)

I had to give this a 9 because I don't like covers more than the originals almost ever. And I really like this songs original.


Good song you got there.......can i fav it? because its amazing!

A beautiful voice as always!

A perfect classic christmas song sung through the voice of a Aussie Angel.