Reviews for "All I Want for Christmas."


Normally I detest this song but you make it wonerful and not suckish. I WILL be playing it this Christmas


Great. Just truly great. But I felt like you were being too "nice" with your voice. You need more spirit, more power with this song. You know? other than that, it was really good.



i love all your song hania, and is beautifull voice^^

j'adore et continue

francis ;p

great song

as always great song :D
when its christmas again i wil play this song (-:

(and that is promise :D)


hania responds:

Awesome! Hopefully this Christmas I'll release a few more Christmas covers as well so you'll have more to listen to :)

Good but

Its a great song and u have a great voice But throughout the song the tempo is a little to fast