Reviews for "Cupid's Last Stand"

Valintines day is for losers

Haha i love this awsome work me and my friends always Say "VALINTINES DAYS FOR LOSERS & WHORES* lol awsome job you made the meaning of my saying come alive Nice work keep it up

Across the board 10!

This is truely one of the best Flash movies on Newgrounds. It's funny without resorting to childish humor. Violent, but not overly grusome. Has a very classy Nightmare/Star Wars EIII (Vader) style to it, the Nutcracker adds to that, but just the way it was "shot" is awesome. The quality is top notch, and some of the finest I've seen thus far.

one word: awesome

Best movie ever. I loved it!

needed to see that

valentines day is bull shit made up by companies so they can have another holiday to advertise and have big sales I think we all needed to needed to see that

Die Cupid Die!

I see you Hate St. Valentine's Day. Me too. Its a big watse of Time. Great work. Hehe...Cupid never saw it coming...