Reviews for "Cupid's Last Stand"


Every once in a while, out of the blue, comes a flash animator that takes you by suprise. This morning it was Katy Towell. This is the first flash Ive seen by Katy and Im highly impressed. Cupid's Last Stand is funny little piece about how most of us feel on Valentines day. Cupid, the love arrow thrower is attacked by the most unlikely of Heros, a little girl who just finished with Valentines day. Very dark, but at the same time it carrys itself in a lighthearted way. Think Tim Burton. The classic good vs evil is used, but Katy masterfully takes what most would view as the evil(the dark little girl) and gets the viewer to not only agree but root for her as if she is the hero, Cupid is the villian. The music choice was great, and it was funny too. I gave it a 10. Pat yourself on the back.


cupid's had that coming for a looooooong time

This is really good

The animation was very good and talented and the story was real funny. Great job.

Excellent Valentine's Day flash!!!

I loved this! The whole idea of killing Cupid is pretty funny, especially since she injures/kills people with her arrows! The animation was very smooth, the style was excellent, the sound was excellent (except that it was too quiet in the beginning), the violence was well done, and there was even some humor! Excellent job! Overall: 10/10

simply amazing

i absolutely love your flashes and this is no exception. clearly this is better than 4th place. i cant wait for your next flash. keep up the excellent work.