Reviews for "Cupid's Last Stand"

loooooooved the monkeys

ha shit i'll be your non valentine.... if that makes sense ;) once again beautifully done

LOLROFLOMG and stuff..........I hate cupid

........thank you for killing cupid little zombie eyed girl.......i hate him as much as you .......awesome flash about the demise of cupid 100/10


When I saw the little girl chasing cupid, I began to think about the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz...
And I think that little girl needs a hug. Wait... maybe that's not a good idea... She'd just stab me. XD

this shit was awesome

what THE FUCK i like this specially the song it was so intense i even scared myself

I agree that it is WICKED SWEET!!!!!!!

aahh the music was wonderfully tasteful, i love these flashes!!!! that was the best chase ever!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!i never say that, but still OH MY GOD!!!! this was spectacularly amazing!!!!