Reviews for "Cupid's Last Stand"

ya just gotta love the monkeys

Seriously, there's no way to not love the monkies and the music combination. Great choices, mad props on that. I've gotta say, most of the stuff that happens on Vday is BS, but I do have a girlfriend and I do buy her stuff. It's a good concept for a holiday, but people screwed it over. Gotta say, keep up the good work. If there was an 11 outta 10, it'd go to Sound and Humor. Very nice. Keep it up.



Cupid lives in a shitty neighboorhood. I loved it! Great style and originality.

I'm in the same boat. V-Day sucks. What a bogus, commercial holiday. HOWEVER, I'll be the first one to admit that you'll probably always find me in Safeway at 9:30 pm on Feb. 14th buying a schmoozy card and orchids for the love of my life... :-P

Interesting Flash...

I have to say though, that girl did not like Cupid. I really liked the graphics, and the concept was mildly amusing, if a mite creepy. Gave me chills...

Sadistic, pitiful, nasty, gay.

You are one sick little animator, im sure you love hearing it. Not the good kind of unique gets you attention sick, the kind that puts you in jail with buff lesbians named Larry-Jane. You have at least some animating talent, so stop wasting it on anti-society gothic, steriotypical flashes. Thank you.

Nothing noteworthy

There really wasn't anything spectacular about this. It was pretty much an unoriginal concept with some passable animation. I give you points for style, even though that's not particularly original, either. It's not a BAD movie...just not worthy of the score that it currently has.