Reviews for "Cupid's Last Stand"

stark, evil and yet lovely

The graphics were beautiful. Your characters looked wonderful, their costumes were simple (and elegant), and the scenery/background was beautifully rendered. I loved the way you contrasted the soft pastel shades of Cupid's domain with the... wicked witch (WW)?

I especially loved your take on the 'evil flying monkeys'. I'm guessing it was a direct reference to the flying monkeys henchpeople on 'Wizard of Oz'?

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the WW (the little goth girl) was assured complete victory from the very beginning. It was really no challenge to take down Cupid. I kept waiting for Cupid to pull some form of a trick and manage to get out of this spot of trouble, but he remained as weak and wimpy as he appeared. Some kind of a struggle from Cupid would have made the story much more interesting... But other than that, the animation was great...

Pretty good.

I definitely like it. I have to digress with the previous reviewer in that I actually find the musical choice to be perfect. Grieg's 'Hall of the mountain king' fits the rhythm of the action perfectly, and it's great to see such a forgotten piece of classical music put to such great use. On the downside, I guess I already find the goth imagery a bit cliché. Nevertheless, it's a real good piece of animation.

I do not like goths

However, I did like this. I looked at many different aspects. The sound bothered me. It was too soft to begin with, then got way too loud as the film went on.

I liked the gladiator type reference and the Flying monkeys-- Reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West and her minions.

There is way too much to say about this film that makes it good and bad. However here is a quote from my film teacher that will be helpful to prospective flash film makers and other people alike.
"To begin understanding film, you have to become stupid"
Looking at such aspects as Contrast Dominance, Mise en scene, subtext, graphics/composition of the shot etc.

I do however notice that the Goth girl makes a potion. Cupid makes one also. Each seems to have thier own significance. A love potion and a heartbreak potion of some sort. With foreshadowing, I thought the dark potion to be A fail safe. However we see the weapons along side each potion and subconsiously relate to poison arrows. Like I said, too much to talk about ^_^

you make the best goth in the world

you have made some very good goth movies such as genevieve (poor geneveve) i love the way you make the charecters

you have done it again!!

i must say katy, that you have done it yet again. It must be difficult because with every animation you do you set the bar even higher. There are only a few artists that i give 10's repeatedly and you are one of them. Great work, i cant wait till the next one.