Reviews for "Mega Translator"

pretty good

its okay. the encryptor didnt work though

Foreverkul responds:

you probably arent using it correctly


Clever coding but I wouldn't call it a game, i mean it's great when you first use it but I got bored too quickly. I think you should make a quiz or something and you have to translate the questions or answers using a translator. Your choice

Foreverkul responds:

interesting idea. Thanks :)

I really like this.

Its really useful but your l337 is kinda messed up. I REALLY LIKE THIS THOUGH.

Foreverkul responds:

Thanks :)


it's ok, but some languages dont work--n00b, putian, and another 1 i forgot

Foreverkul responds:

Those only change certain words, not each letter.

All my 5 blong to this!

Great work! had alot of fun!

Foreverkul responds:

Hopefully, you like fun!