Reviews for "Mega Translator"

Nicley Done

Well made game here, funny in some parts serious in others and i could spend ages typing into the noob translator LOL. You should keep making gadgets like this!


Wow so easy to handle, and so good to chat!
well the worst thing about this is, that there is no translation back, so you can only try to retranslate texts by typing in the alphabet! there should be a retranslationmode!

about the encrypter...

i dont get it are you in need of typing in some secret letters in the encrypter to use it? cuz all it say is a whole lot of nan's


The BEST translator for everythign except a full set of laungauges, but this aint school! THIS IS DA INTERNET! SWEET! If someone blammed this... They where lieng.

its fun, i like the half noob option lol :)

a bunch of options, it even has leet, it has half noob!! (my most favorite way of talking and typing)... this has almost every translation you could ask for! it's my favorite translator game on new grounds.

Foreverkul responds:

Thanks! It has been bookmarked by many people as a fave :]