Reviews for "Mega Translator"

Keep it up.


I never know what to say while reviewing.


Foreverkul responds:

Lol, sopmetimes your just speechless becasue the flash was so awesome :D


Very cool,but the fun would run out after awhile.

Foreverkul responds:

Did you try the encryptor?

how to make it ultra perfect

this thing need a way to decode the message sent, so it could me like a crazy code making, and decoding machine!!!

Foreverkul responds:

Got to the encryptor

cool idea

it must have took you forever to make this, so im definately gonna give you credit. This is a great idea I hope you think of some other good stuff

Foreverkul responds:

thanks :D

super pimp idea

tight flash, man, turning any phrase into its leetspeak or old french equivalent, it's actually quite addicting to see what everyday phrases are in different "languages," not your run-of-the-mill translator, cool twist

Foreverkul responds:

They arent complete translations but the if you say the Old French you'd be spelling your words in french.