Reviews for "Mega Translator"


This is dont realy what i expected when i saw the name of the "game" its more a tool then a game and it dont make much sense so its crap I would say if I would say anything ;)

Oh and the sound: You can listen to it about an hour befor you hafe to be scared that your brain will leave your head o~XD

Foreverkul responds:

Your brain left a long time ago. Aren't you aware there was more then one sound track?

This is really fun!

I tried every translator, but I didnt get the word-based to work. I mean the nOOb and the other one that changed words. This was fun!

Foreverkul responds:

They only change certain words, not all words. Thanks :)


nahr dip dop bar bar doo hop pippy bar hip fipper da dip hip bar fipper fopper bum dippy hipper hip boo hip fipper hop duhdoo , hip fipper da dop bar fipper nahr bippy doo fipper fipper duhdoo , dipper hip pippy dippy hip hippy dippy nahr nahr dippy bum fopper fipper dippy

Foreverkul responds:


Good BUT

you encryptor always says the same thing NaN|NaN|NaN|NaN|

Foreverkul responds:

You probably didn't read the instructions.

--- -- --• - •••• •• ••• •-• •-• •-•• • •••

•• - •••• •• -• -•- - •••• •• ••• •• ••• - •••• • -••• • ••• - - •-• •- -• ••• •-•• •- - --- •-•
(i think this is the best translator)

Foreverkul responds:

Yay :D Thanks!