Reviews for "Mega Translator"




Foreverkul responds:



Very good work.

Exelent, the best translator evermade!!!

Foreverkul responds:

Wow, Thanks for the encouragement! :D


The music was horrible! Ahh! the music! Make it stop, make it stop! It's was to late to hit the stop button, because the X was easier to hit

Foreverkul responds:

Your pretty lazy huh?

it wasnt THAT good, but it OK...

it wasnt THAT good, but it OK... i might need it in the future, who knows ? :P anyways there IS one bug the i found... some of the translations don't work! like the Noob lol! (or did u do that in purpose as an inuslt? ^^)

Foreverkul responds:

It only makes a few words different. Not every word.

Not so good

Well, you surely made a good work, but... I didn't like it. Simply I idn't have fun. That's it.
Ah, the music is the worst thing you could put on.

Foreverkul responds:

If you don't like the music turn it off :P